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How well do I have to know Scala to participate?

Scala developers of all abilities can contribute in some way. If you’ve written a couple hundred lines, you’re golden.

Do I need to register my project to participate?

No! You are free to work on whatever project you want at the event, or to recruit others to your project without registering it. Registering a project brings one obligation and one perk:

  • Registered projects have a representative give a 20-minute talk on Saturday aimed at helping newcomers develop the project.
  • Registered projects are listed on the Scalathon projects page.

How can I register my project?

To register a project send us an email with with your name, project name, and project URL. Humans still need to register using

Can I give a talk?

Some of the talks are invited, but we strongly encourage others to email us their proposals. Talks at Scalathon should relate to Scalathon’s goal, as given on the home page.

I’ve paid for Scalathon, but now I can’t go. Can I get a refund?

Full refunds are available until June 27th, 30 days before the event. Because of the costs and upfront financial obligations of securing the venue, we cannot offer any refunds after June 27th. If you cancel before June 27th, we’ll refund your entire $50 registration fee and open your slot to the next person on the waiting list. If you cancel after June we’ll open your slot, but you’ll lose your $50 registration fee.

How can I volunteer to host an out of town guest?

Please email us with the following information:

  • Your name
  • How many guests you would like to accommodate
  • Which nights you can accommodate (just Saturday night, or both Friday and Saturday?)
  • How you would like prospective guests to contact you (phone number or email address)

Who’s responsible for this thing?

Scalathon was originally Yuvi Masory’s brainstorm. It’s is a product of the Philly Area Scala Enthusiasts (PHASE), the Scala user group in Philadelphia. Yuvi and Brian Clapper are the primary organizers.

What’s with all the venue confusion this year?

We initially chose the Valley Forge Casino Resort because they assured us they’d give us a terrific price. We thought the venue looked like a cool place to have a conference, and having Scalathon at a hotel resort would have relieved the organizers of a significant amount of work.

In the end, however, the Valley Forge Casino Resort still wanted far too much money, and we had no choice but to change the venue.

The good news is that The Quorum, at the University City Science Center, is a great venue for a hackathon. They’re accustomed to running technology events, so network connectivity should be excellent. The location is only a few blocks from last year’s Scalathon, so it’s convenient to out of town travelers and city residents; plus, the location provides easy access to all the terrific amenities (restaurants, parking, nightlife) in Philadelphia’s University City and Center City sections.

What are the various sponsorship levels?

We are very lucky: Many companies are sponsoring Scalathon with financial donations.

Gold Sponsors

Gold sponsors have donated $2,000 or more. There are only three or four of these to go around. An entire event (e.g., a happy hour or dinner) is named for each Gold Sponsor. Signage and thanks are a prominent part of that event. The special name for the event is used consistently throughout all our literature. Gold sponsorship also comes with all the Silver sponsor benefits.

Silver Sponsor

Silver sponsors have donated between $1,000 and $1,999. This sponsorship level comes with a booth at the event. It puts the sponsor’s logo on every page of the website. Silver sponsors will be verbally thanked in the opening remarks. Silver sponsors receive advertising benefits via our listserv and Twitter account.

Bronze Sponsor

Bronze sponsors have donated between $250 and $999. They get thanks on the website, below the Gold and Silver sponsors; they are also mentioned in all advertising material. Bronze sponsors only receive limited contact with attendees or their email inboxes.

Thanks to all our sponsors!

Why don’t I see the sponsors?

The most likely culprit is AdBlock. Either disable your AdBlock extension, or add an exception rule for


See for more details on AdBlock filters.

Why is there an empty box on the left of this web page?

See the previous question.

What technologies did you use for the web site? is hosted on GitHub Pages, so it’s using Jekyll, because that’s what drives GitHub Pages. In addition, we use:

  • Sass, for enhanced CSS goodness.
  • Bourbon, for enhanced Sass goodness.
  • Twitter Bootstrap, with the responsive add-ons, to try to make the site a little friendlier for mobile devices, as well as regular computers.
  • Sass-Twitter-Bootstrap, so we can use all the Twitter Bootstrap CSS customizations directly from Sass.
  • Rake, to tie all those technologies together.

Brian Clapper. (Blame him.)