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  • Hacking runs Saturday July 28, 2012, 9am - 10pm, and Sunday, July 29, 2012 9am - 5pm.
  • “Anatomy of a Scala Project” is on Friday, July 27, starting at noon.


Scalathon 2012 will be held in the city of Philadelphia, in The Quorum, at the University City Science Center, on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania.

Getting to Philadelphia

By plane

Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) is the closest major airport.

By train

Take Amtrak to 30th Street Station (PHL), which is just a few blocks from the event location.

By car

Penn’s admissions office has driving directions that take you right to the center of campus.

Where to Stay


The closest hotels to the event are the Sheraton and The Inn at Penn. But they are rather pricey. For good deals see Club Quarters and Crowne Plaza Downtown which are a short subway ride away. The University of Pennsylvania has hotel suggestions here and here. Any hotel in center city provides easy access to campus.

Once you have selected your hotel, post where you are staying.

Free accommodations

We are currently seeking volunteers from the Philadelphia developer community willing to host out-of-town guests. Please visit the FAQ page for information on volunteering.

We probably won’t be able to provide free accommodations for more than a handful of out-of-towners, so please don’t rely on this option.

Getting to Penn’s campus

From the airport

  • There is a SEPTA Airport Express Train (R1) every half hour; the fare is $7 (pay after you get on the train). If coming directly to the hackathon, get off at University City station and walk a block west and a block north; otherwise, go one stop further to 30th Street Station to connect to other forms of transportation.
  • A cab from the airport to Center City or University City is about $30.
  • Although probably a waste of money if you’re only coming to the hackathon, the PHL website has a list of rental car companies. Penn’s admissions office has driving directions that take you right into the center of campus.
  • Walking is probably not an option.

Without a car

  • SEPTA operates the trains, buses, and trolleys in Philadelphia. The fare is $2 per trip, exact change (so save up your $1s before you come). You can also get tokens (which are cheaper, and don’t require exact change to buy) at most big stops. Their site is a little bit unfriendly; we recommend using the Trip Planner to find out what routes to take, then consult the route schedules to find out how often those lines run, so you know how flexible your trip will be.
  • There are about a dozen cab companies serving various parts of the city; Google will point the way. You will likely be within Center City and University City (sometimes called West Philadelphia) for the duration of your visit. Hailing cabs is generally easy at 34th and Walnut, just outside the hackathon venue.
  • Walking is always an option. Philadelphia is a very walkable city.

With a car

There is some metered parking on-campus (especially on 38th street), for $1/hour. To help with interpreting the maps, Levine Hall is located at 34th and Walnut.

The Google map also highlights the public parking locations near the hackathon; the fee is about $13/day.

While you’re planning your route, keep in mind that while the city is laid out mostly in a grid, about half of the roads are one-way.