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  • Josh Suereth: Scala Standard Library (PDF)
  • Aemon Cannon: ENSIME (PPT, PDF)
  • Joe Stein: Apache Kafka
  • Josh Suereth: sbt-git-plugin, sbt-native-packager, sbt-site-plugin, sbt-pgp-plugin
  • Erik Osheim: Spire and GeoTrellis
  • Nathan Hamblem: Unfiltered and Databinder Dispatch
  • Brendan McAdams: Casbah, MongoDB, and Hammersmith
  • Jorge Cortiz: Rogue and Linter
  • Nilanjan Raychaudhuri: Play!
  • Rose Toomey: Salat with Play! 2.0
  • Eugene Yokota: scalaxb and treehugger.scala
  • Owein Reese: Squealer
  • Mark Harrah: sbt
  • Jon Pretty: Rapture I/O


  • Alexander Podkhalyuzin: IntelliJ IDEA Scala Plugin (PDF)
  • Bill Venners: ScalaTest
  • Guillaume Massé: ScalaKata
  • Nikita Ivanov: Streaming MapReduce with GridGain and Scala (Live coding of streaming MapReduce, with comparisons to other approaches, such as Hadoop and Akka)
  • Chris Lewis: Building a High Performance Financial Analytics System using Scala
  • Josh Suereth: Scala 2.10
  • Alexander Podkalyuzin: Scala Magic (how everything compiles in Scala, issues with non-local return control, synchronization dangers with lazy val, linearization and initialization order issues, binary compatibility, and other goodies)
  • Seth Tisue: Lenses. (PDF, Google Docs) “Lenses aren’t in the Scala standard library, but two libraries provide them: Scalaz and Miles Sabin’s Shapeless. I’ll show how you to use the Shapeless version, and we’ll look at how it’s implemented. Let’s make this interactive; bring your laptop and code along. (About 30 minutes)”