How well do I have to know Scala to participate?

Scala developers of all abilities can contribute in some way. If you’ve written a couple hundred lines, you’re golden.

Do I need to register my project to participate?

No! You are free to work on whatever project you want at the event, or to recruit others to your project without registering it. Registering a project brings one obligation and one perk:

How can I register my project?

To register a project send us an email with with your name, project name, and project URL. Humans still need to register using

Can I give a talk?

Some of the talks are invited, but we strongly encourage others to email us their proposals. Talks at Scalathon should relate to Scalathon’s goal, as given on the home page.

How can I volunteer to host an out of town guest?

Please email us with the following information:

Who’s responsible for this thing?

The Scalathon is Yuvi Masory’s brainstorm. Folks from the Philly Area Scala Enthusiasts (PHASE) are lending their expertise and assistance, and PHASE is officially handling registrations.

What’s with all the company logos?

We are very lucky: Many companies are sponsoring Scalathon with financial donations.

The company logos at the top of each page represent our Big Fish Sponsors, companies that have donated $1,500 or more to Scalathon.

The company logos at the bottom of each page represent our Little Fish Sponsors, companies that have donated at least $250 to Scalathon.

Thanks to all our sponsors!

Who made the logo?

So glad you asked! The logo was hand drawn by Felice Ford.